President Donald Trump’s election put the world in turmoil and further divided an already-separated country thanks to Barack Obama. The plan was that Hillary Clinton was to win and, therefore, continue the democrats’ 16-year plan to transform America from a free-market, capitalist-oriented, constitutional republic to a borderless, New World Order-run country (and planet, for that matter) ruled by the politically and economically elite with a sinister ulterior motive.

The left did everything possible to try to prevent Trump from taking office, and then even more to try to remove him from office: all to no avail. From illegal spying to the phony Russian collusion witch hunt to the Ukraine phone call to a bogus impeachment (that resulted in acquittal) and then some. Trump (and his family) has withstood more slings and arrows hurled at him/them than anyone in history from House and Senate democrats to the FBI to the CIA to the State department, and he has only become stronger, more popular, and more loved by his base.

Promises made, promises kept.

Q started his/her/their drops (first on 4-chan, then to 8-chan and 8-kun) in October 2017, and things would never be the same. A disturbing picture was painted that contained such unpleasant subjects as human trafficking, spirit cooking, child sacrifice, satanic worship, mind control, RFID vaccinations, illegal immigration, and whatever else the globalists wanted to do. The average person, and especially children, were expendable.

With the emergence of COVID-19, the globalists doubled down their efforts. Consequently, this virus has been blown out of proportion by the media, the left, international organizations, and the like: all toward crashing our great economy, bankrupting businesses, stifling our free movement, pushing for mail-in balloting (so the left can cheat and get back to its 16-year plan), and disturbing mandatory vaccine efforts spearheaded by psychopath Bill Gates.

Sadly, far too many people believe the hype, and we are here to share as much information we have found to urge people to take the red pill, get woke, and take back our country.