Many of us already knew that the whole COVID-19 “pandemic” was a huge political ploy designed by the deep state in order to instill fear in the populace, force mail-in voting to steal the 2020 presidential election, shred the US Constitution, and force RFID vaccinations in order to monitor the people. Sounds like a science fiction movie, doesn’t it?

Well, sadly, it’s not. Remember, they never thought she would lose. But she did. Bigly! And their 16-year plan to transform America into an elite-run new world order where “We the People” are nothing but disposable slaves did not reach fruition.

Oh no, what’s the cabal to do?

Easy, get rid of President Trump. But it wasn’t easy, was it? From spying to the Russian hoax to the Ukraine hoax to impeachment and everything in between, the globalists failed at everything. Now, chess-master Trump along with Q and the patriots have all of the information they need to finally drain the swamp and end the cabal’s efforts for a NWO.

The power will be returned to the people, and it will be glorious.

Check out this article in the Washington Times as well as Ron Paul’s take on this unprecedented fraud perpetuated by the left.