Here are shades of an earlier Ventura County, California’s health department video saying that officials will go door-to-door to identify “infected” people and remove them from their home and send them to “COVID-19 centers.”

Now, witness the Deep State Queen of England during a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing on the UK’s insidious plans to remove children from homes where COVID-19 is or was identified. Remove for what? Likely human trafficking, child abuse and torture, and adrenochrome harvesting since their existing pedophile network has virtually been eradicated by President Trump.

This is why the push for mass COVID-19 testing (*MUST READ*) must stop. Not only are there far too many false positives,  once a positive “diagnosis” has been found, you and all of your contacts will be tracked by the federal government. Further, this test is based on junk science and doesn’t adhere to the necessary scientific criteria.

Are you awake yet?