The number of sheeple who are ready and waiting for the COVID-19 vaccination is mind-blowing. History has demonstrated (on more than one occasion) that vaccinations can have serious results; oftentimes more serious than the actual illness. Further, those involved in the vaccination research and development such as Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) oftentimes don’t give a damn about any potential side effects.

The COVID-19 “virus” didn’t warrant a global shutdown. In fact, this “virus” hasn’t been fully isolated, purified, and proven to be either a novel corona virus or responsible for the flu going around. COVID-19 isn’t anything more than a flu bug that most people will recover from on their own. This pandemic is a fraud; a hoax perpetrated and perpetuated by liberal globalist NWO scum to strip us of our constitutional rights, steal the 2020 election so President Trump won’t be re-elected (which, by the way, he will in the biggest landslide history has ever seen), and finish their 16-year plan to destroy America that Traitor Barack Obama began.

Why do you think they are hounding Trump over mass testing? More testing will likely result in more positive results which will enable the left to begin contact tracing. Do you want the government knowing with whom you speak, where you go, and what you do at all times? I sure as hell don’t. I refuse to be tested because not only is the testing process not supposed to be used as a diagnostic test as the Nobel Prize-winning inventor stressed himself, it’s also a violation of my constitutional rights. Nobody has the right to force me to do anything as far as my body is concerned. Compounding the problem is the staggering number of false positives. Once you get that little P by your name, your life is over as you know it as you become yet another deep state casualty.

Watch this chilling video, and let me know if you are still eager to be injected with God knows what all for a little flu bug with a 98% recovery rate. And don’t forget, the criminal billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is behind the development efforts. Do I need to remind you of the tens of thousands of injured and dead children in Africa and India who were injured AS A DIRECT RESULT OF GATES’ VACCINATIONS? Read here about the tragedy in Africa from Gates’ DTP vaccine, or here regarding his use of Indian children as guinea pigs.

Further, this COVID-19 vaccination is being rushed to production without adequate testing to ensure that it doesn’t cause more harm than good. And finally, emerging evidence demonstrates that the vaccine will contain RFID chips. What better way for globalists to keep the population under control than to chip them like some people do to their pets?

Hindsight is always 20/20. Instead, how about being more discerning with your health in 2020? Put down the blue Kool-aid, turn off the fake news, and open your damn eyes.