Unless you live under a rock (or are senile like Joe Biden), you’ve undoubtedly heard about Antifa and Black Lives Matter taking over Seattle’s Capitol Hill East Precinct area, thus creating a self-contained Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone; an occupation and taking of hostages by armed left-wing activists who claimed de facto police powers over thousands of the city’s residents and dozens of businesses in the area. Instead of enforcing the law, the weak idiots in Seattle’s government bent a knee to the rage mob and let them.

These anarchists are whining about non-existent racialized capitalism in the US and how whites are responsible for all things bad in the world. Of course, this bullshit rears its ugly head every four years like clockwork along with some type of bogus deadly virus that will kill everyone. The timing just happens to coincide with presidential election years (what a coincidence, don’tcha think?), and this year is especially salient because Donald Trump will be reelected in a landslide that will result in the corrupt evil deep state socialist commie cabal democrat swamp being drained.

If you follow Q (which you should), you will know that the level of corruption on the left is ridiculous. From child trafficking, torture, cannibalism, treason, and other crimes against humanity, the left WILL be exposed and those responsible WILL be held accountable.

The ensuing panic leads to paid and organized riots over some manufactured crisis. In this case, the alleged murder of George Floyd was the catalyst for nationwide violence at the hands of these domestic terrorist groups. Coupled with the hoaxvirus plandemic designed to force mail-in voting so democrats can steal the election and stupid calls to defund the police, these riots have pushed many of us over the edge.

These false flags and crisis actors likely paid by anti-American NWO billionaire George Soros to wreak havoc are getting old, and patriots have had enough of this bullshit

None of these Seattle-based citizens or business owners elected the domestic terrorist groups who are “in charge,” and the state of affairs is wholly unsustainable. President Trump needs to send in the military to take back the city and lock up the stupid spineless city officials with the Antifa and BLM terrorists.

This is fucking war, and it will not end well for the left.